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The powers that be are not all politicians. A lot many of them are from other backgrounds. Mostly legal. If we go through the Time magazine released last year, the Time 100, its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world reveals that 11% of the 100 are lawyers. Most of these people had no recognition as lawyers. But they are well known in other alternative careers they chose for themselves – leaders of the free world, politicians on both sides of the aisle, and basketball CEOs.

“These legal eagles made their entry into the Time 100, and some were repeat honorees,” says class action lawyer Junilla Sledziewski. The legal professional or lawyer is defined as “a person learned in the law; as an attorney, counsel or solicitor; a person who is practicing law.”

The names in this list hold a law degree, irrespective of whether they practiced law or not.

  1. Hillary Clinton: She has held the title of WOPOTUS – First Lady, Secretary of State and Grandma, she is a repeat honoree and is giving Trump a competition for the post of President currently. A Democrat in the field, the only one. We can forgive her the email gaffe going by Laurene Powell Jobs’ notes; Hillary is also “one of America’s greatest modern creations,” and the lady may be thanking her Yale Law for it.
  2. Ruth Bader Ginsburg: R.B.G. had a blast of a year in 2014, in 2015 too, he had a big year. Ruth, America’s favorite justice has seen it all. She covers everything – t-shirts to memes, to wedding invitations, to books inspired by Tumblr, all of us including Justice Scalia knows by now that Ruth is all about truth. After all, Scalia says his opera buddy “is a source of collegiality and good judgment in all [the Supreme Court’s] work.” None of us want her to go. We love you, Justice Ginsburg. Please stay.
  3. Xi Jinping: he is a repeat honoree, the president of China. Jinping graduated from the Tsinghua University, with an LL.D. He’s most likely to become China’s most powerful leader like Mao. Doesn’t that seem a little ominous?
  4. Marine Le Pen: If this name isn’t familiar to you, Le Pen is the president of National Front, the third-largest political party in France. A lawyer and a powerful right-wing politician can be a dangerous combination to be. Defeating her will take much more than political will. France’s leaders will need to better their revolution bringing skills.
  5. barack obama lawyerMitch McConnell: A Kentucky Law graduate, Mitch is the longest-serving U.S. Senator in its history. Mitch has earned himself a reputation of a bit of a political villain in his role of as the Senate’s Majority Leader, but the Speaker of the House, John Boehner would have none of it. He thinks his bestie’s “mind is a marvelous machine.”
  6. Barack Obama: The first Black President of the US who has been there for two-terms is also another repeat honoree. The Harvard Law grad should be lauded for attempting to kick ass and take names in his own way. Plus, he opines that law school should be only two years long.

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face 16Whatever age you have, there are times when you just lose track of your sanity and you tend to forget your responsibilities. Sometimes, we take charge of the steering wheel even if we are under the influence of alcohol. DUI is unsurprisingly one of the many cases filed anywhere in the world. It became more sensationalized because of the numerous cases filed against celebrities almost everyday.

a66Being young is not an excuse to do something stupid such as drunk driving but there are also mature individuals who irresponsibly drive despite high alcohol content in their system. Once, caught, they give out never-ending explanation to the arresting officer. Driving under the Influence or DUI is in itself a horrible thing to do. Getting yourself arrested is an experience that is absolutely scary.

People who get arrested with a DUI are often terrified thinking about the consequences. They keep worrying about what kind of punishment awaits them. They may have to face dire consequences ranging from being stripped off their driving privileges to having to spend time within bars. But these issues happen only if they are convicted of the crime, what if there are ways to defend the DUI charges.

A16You need to seek help from an experienced defense lawyer. The major cause of road accidents and injuries is due to a DUI. This is exactly why the laws are very stringent when it comes to drunk driving. Everybody should take this seriously as you can end lives when you are on the streets driving a car with only have your sanity intact or even less. Having a good defense does not necessarily mean you are totally innocent but if you cannot be saved from possible punishments, at least it can be lowered down to community service or just fines which is far better than going to jail.

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A6In our everyday lives, things happen when we least expect it. There is nobody walking on earth who is perfect and there are certain moments when we give in to some crazy ideas we have that sometimes it causes us to violate some laws. Likewise, there are other people who commit crimes against you which can be intentional or purely accidental.

Whatever is the case, one must answer to it and be punished especially if the results of these crimes are serious and severe. Personal injury is one of those cases filed in court. The extent and nature of the injury determines the amount of compensation one can get to cover your medical expenses along with other unforeseen events.

Were you injured due to medical malpractice, or hurt in a road accident or in an unfortunate event your neighbor’s dog bit you, your injury case needs strong evidences, which will help your attorney demand the correct injury compensation for you. Most of the compensation cases can be settled without going to the courts though and not have court settlements but some are settled through a formal personal injury claims.

a27If your injury case does reach the court in your area, you and your lawyer should know what arguments you need to defend to make your case strong. Depending on what you consider as an inconvenience, you can have your lawyer create a case against your opponent based on the evidences you have with you.

It is to your best interest to find the best one in your area for you to have a strong case. Based on their reputation, you will have the confidence that your case will win. They should have ample experience where they can gather enough ideas as to how to tackle various attacks from their counterpart as well.